Monday, July 30, 2012

Capital Ex...

Or K-Days. Or whatever it's going to be called next year. Oi vay!

Usually you go for the rides. Or the food. Or the ridiculous shopping "experience".

We went for the food...for the most part.
They have this thing there this year called Rib Fest. Yeah...nuff said.

Lucas likes corn dogs ("thumbs up" with mustard for dipping) but hates the big Kiwanis Slide (too high! and too fast!).

He did enjoy this goofy obstacle course "ride". And we managed to snag some "we have these leftover tickets and we're leaving right away" tickets so FREE FREE FREE!

He also played this game where he had to catch a frog in a basket...hence the inflatable green frog you'll see in subsequent photos. He has named it "Inflata-Frog"...he's clever like that.

I like the military display with the tanks and the crazy rocket launchers on display! What the!?!?

We never did make it on to the Ferris Wheel...

All-in-all a great evening out...

What are your favourite "to-dos" at the Fair? Is it a tradition to go, or a new-found love affair? Or do you avoid it like the plague!?

Best Fair Sight: The three Moms/Grandmas with strollers and kids in tow, and a fabric lawn chair. Clever, very very clever. And crazy also, cause you know there were a bunch of non-stroller bound kids that I couldn't see. Who were off getting hopped up on deep-fried Oreos and cricket pizza! Eek!

later loves

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