Sunday, June 03, 2012


Nutty Rice Krispies. Oh my...these were so good! And inspired me to make some more with the rest of the Rice Krispies, Chex (cause I didn't have enough Rice Krispies), and loads of chocolate and butterscotch chips. We never have desserts in our house, and now we have too many. Go figure.

Smores...sort of

K, where the hell did this sweet tooth come from? I don't have a sweet tooth, and yet all of a sudden all of my online searches are leading me towards desserts and fruity drinks. Argh!! (and the scale is reflecting this dangerous turn of events...dammit dammit dammit!)

I'm going to balance this out with some real food. Like this sole almondine. Or this meatless ravioli made with wontons. I might have to add meat...and skip the cream sauce. But otherwise...

Ooh! And this chicken stirfry!

Are any of you at all interested in my culinary adventures? I am a terrible cook, so this is more for the other terrible cooks out there. This should be interesting...

Please note...I found none of these recipes on Pinterest. It doesn't mean they're not there...I just haven't checked.

later loves

In a related note, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution looks pretty awesome! I missed the day of Revolution, but I figure this is an ongoing thing that I might like to get in on!

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