Sunday, May 27, 2012


I found a bunch of neat articles while I was surfing at work the other day.

Can Beer Save America? Ummm...yes please!

From this site: Alternet. There are a lot of great articles here that get me all riled up! Like flapping my arms and wanting to write to my congressman kind of riled. Please note: I do not have a congressman - or woman - thank goodness, but I am still flapping my arms like a crazy bird!

Noam Chomsky and the Occupy Movement. He wrote a book about it, and his views are very generous and clever and succinct and all the usual.

Birth-Control v. Christian Conservatives. A US-based article, but relevant none-the-less. Relevant, and frightening!

What does JPMorgan do for America? Thank heavens that banks in Canada are way more regulated. Some people may take issue with this, but I would recommend they look to our southern neighbours to see all the major fuck-ups that could happen if they weren't!

Oh...and I found these shoes. It's not news, but it rhymes. (Also these shoes...I have a problem...)

later loves

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