Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Expecting to Fly

This is "The Wedding Book" so far. I got lots of questions and compliments while I was working in it on Saturday night at the store.

 So I guess here are some journal tidbits that might make it easier for you to start your own!

#1. You don't need a fancy expensive journal. I bought this wedding planner book at Value Village for $2.99! As long as the pages are thick enough, and the book is bound well, you are set to go!

#2. I think those big journals are intimidating because of how many pages they contain! Find - or make - a smaller book so it will take less time to "finish". This gave me so much more confidence for my first book!

#3. Gesso is my (art supply) best friend.

#4. For those of you out there who tell me you can't draw or you aren't artistic: stencils and spray ink make it super easy to create fabulous patterns and shapes without having any actual skill. Trust me! And once you feel confident enough to add a doodle or two, you can put them right in there! And if you hate them...gesso is your best friend!!
Remember that your art journal is for you. Remember that you aren't trying to prove anything with it. Remember that if something looks terrible, you can always paint over it, or just move on. Remember that it is a place to play and to experiment and to chat with yourself.

I love chats...

later loves

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  1. This is RAD!! (I'm not sure what that word means, but I REALLY like you're pages and couldn't think of a superlative superlative enough...)


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