Saturday, May 12, 2012

2012 Goals...An Update!

The last update I did for these was back in March. I was doing okay, but I wanted to really get focused and make my 2012 Goals a super-priority for me! And...well...I'm still only doing "okay". But I'm totally okay with that! This year I wanted to create simple, general goals, that would be easy for me to follow through with, and that wouldn't make me feel guilty if I slacked off a little!

I am still making art everyday, and finding a lot of answers and satisfaction in this. I looked up at the stars the other night (giant moon!!) and the sky was totally different than the last time I looked up! So I am going to get a sky map out this month, and spend a couple of nights outside. And I am definitely going to try and catch the Transit of Venus in June!! The books thing is so not a problem, and I am adjusting my reading every month depending on how I feel and how busy I am.

I should have named Goal #3 "The Friendship Goal"...I may not be seeing lots of different friends for coffee dates, but I am spending a good amount of time focusing on one new friendship. And it feels really good, and I am just going to go with it! The spirit of the Goal was to focus on and really work on my friendships, and I think I am doing that in other ways (mail, email, etc.). The coffee date thing is still a great idea, but it is taking to the back-burner right now as I continue to work on my schedule and work out my "free time".

I have decided to add a mini goal to this season. I know I started off wanting to have a "mini goal" every month, but to be honest, that was just too much for me! Too specific, and too time-sensitive! HA!

So for the next little bit (keeping it super non-specific here) I want to try out some new recipes!

Drinks & dinners. I want to branch out a bit. I want to spend more time outside, relaxing with a fun cocktail in my tiny backyard. I want to invite people over (gasp!). I want to "live a little" and try some new things!

I am freaking out!!

I don't do recipes very well. I am a lazy cook. I like pattern and repetition. But I also love all those pretty pictures on the internet of beautiful, delicious food! And cocktails! Oh liquor budget is going to go through the roof this month!

Does anyone out there have any food & drink suggestions for me this month??

So far I'm thinking of this slaw (we love slaw here!), and anything with avocado and eggs is heaven in my opinion. Also, anything with the word "mojito" it. PeachStrawberry & basil! I can't wait to start muddling!

later loves

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  1. I made some really great BBQ rigs the other day. Seemed like the right way to force summer to come.


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