Saturday, March 03, 2012

Up, Up and Away

I am away with the family (and extended family) this weekend. The call was put out, and to Banff we must go!

I stayed up late late (passed your bedtime, for sure) to create the bones of the travel journal I am taking with me.
The outside is about half a sheet of pattern paper, scored to have a "spine". I made only four inner pages to start, then decided it wasn't enough! It was super easy to add four more.

This is my go-to technique for minis right now. I have piles of pieces of old pattern paper already cut down to my favourite size (5x7), but a lot of the colours leave much to be desired! So I cover them with gesso, then stitched them back-to-back. The gesso tones down the colour and pattern, and leaves me with a great surface to add my watercolours...which I am totally bringing with me.

These American Crafts stickers also got the gesso treatment after I stuck them in, as I just wasn't feeling the super bright colours. Gesso is the great equalizer!

The "binding" is super simple. Two binder rings, run through holes I punched directly in to the spine. The entire book is kind of unstable, but I have some reinforcement ideas that I might try when we get home.

I want to make this a weekend for kicking back, relaxing, catching up with family and doing what I love. And right now I really need to be creating, and painting.

What are your weekend plans?

later loves


  1. I spy old Basic Gray papers! Love it!


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