Monday, March 26, 2012

My Hidden Heart - an art journal

You know all those wonderful watercoloured, gessoed pages I have been making lately? Like here, and here. They have found a more permanent home in this new art journal I made. Take a peek inside...
The fabric is from an old Orientation t-shirt, that I personally "tie-dyed". The pages are hand-stitched to the spine. The cover contains a piece of the note I sent out to my friends.

And that is that...I went to town with the journaling after posting this, so now every page is filled with the whispers and secrets of my hidden heart.

Lessons learned...
- I have learned that for art journals I should just keep taking pictures of the full 2-page spread, instead of each layout separately.
- I have learned that from now on I am always going to take pictures before I add any journaling. It's just easier that way, and it saves me from having to blur out the more embarrassing passages before I hit post!
- I have learned that taking photos in natural light, even if it is dull grey winter morning light, is far superior to using my DR light!
- I am going to keep numbering/lettering the pages so I can keep things in order once I go to bind the book. And I am going to realize that even though I do that and pay close attention to the order in which I am sewing, I will still get one page flipped. It's the Law of Lisa. But that fate will step in and show me that the pages made more sense that way anyway!
- I really love this palette: red + turquoise. But I put pink and green together last week, and really loved it. I need to get out of this comfort zone.

later loves


  1. This is stunning, Lisa! REALLY beautiful!

  2. I love everything about this Lisa - the color scheme, the theme, the added stamps - so pretty!


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