Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lake Louise

On our last day of our Banff holiday the three of us headed up to Lake Louise. We saw some pretty fabulous ice sculptures, wandered around inside the chateau, and just enjoyed the time together.
*New Jenni Bowlin tags and label (cut from this pattern paper)
*New gold Dresden. I had these antlers in mind for one project, but I think they might come in handy for other things as well!
*Washi tape! This is a trend that I am all over this year
*New Prima letters. I love the texture of these, even if the adhesive is less than stellar.

The quote is actually part of a larger Echo Park sticker that I cut down. The background was embellished using my favourite stencil with some spray ink. I also splattered a little Mister Huey on there for good measure.

I love the new Jenni Bowlin perforated paper. I ripped apart the individual rectangles and used them as "labels" for each of my photos. Super fun! Stick around and I'll show you how I used the rest of this sheet as a background for a new layout!

There was so much snow up there! I couldn't believe it! It made me kind of jealous actually. The one good dump we got this month is almost all gone already! Russ says I should stop complaining, and enjoy this early spring. I'll admit that it has been nice to leave the house in a sweater instead of a big coat.

later loves

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