Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inspired By...

This month's Creative Type challenge was to take your inspiration from a magazine spread. I don't really read magazines, but I love wandering through the NEET online Magazine each month. So I captured the following spread, and went to work.

And here is my layout...

I really loved the simple grid layout of the photos alongside the table of contents. And I immediately thought of a hand-cut title when I saw the floral lettering on the right.

Making this layout also made me think a lot about my style and how I create a page (from start to finish). This is what the layout looked like in its super early stages.

And I think it'safe to say that this is not my style! Where's the doodles and the ink and the mess? Even if all my layouts start out simple like this, I now know how I like to build layers and what materials are my go-to ones to make things look just the way I want them!

I have also discovered my new go-to technique... those ink splatters made with the Lindy's bottle and dabber attachment. Looking to a number of the pages I have made recently, including art journals, I noticed a pattern forming! HA!
I did up another layout for the challenge, but it's not scheduled to post until next week (I think...). It's on Flickr, if you're interested.

Oh, and if you've never read NEET before, get on it okay?

later loves

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