Tuesday, March 06, 2012

February 26 - An Art Journal

I made most of this journal on the night of February 26th. It is a visual reminder that not everything is as it seems. And sometimes even when you think you think you have done the most boneheaded thing in the world and are desperate for forgiveness, the person on the other end of things might be thinking the same thing of themselves and asking for your forgiveness.

 The pages are made from leftover 5x7 pieces of pattern paper and cardstock that I covered with gesso. I applied random doodles and with my watercolour pencils and smudged them around.
 I wanted to keep the colours simple, and only used four different colours of watercolour pencils. Most of the embellishing was done in the same palette.

 I used a lot of song lyrics to help me with my journaling, but some of the words are mine as well. I won't explain to you what happened to prompt necessitate this journal, but I won't hide my words.

I bound it with some extra fabric and this tab I cut off an old pair of jeans. It fastens to a button on the front.

Art journals can be whatever you want and need them to be. Not all of the pages will be "perfect", but it's the doing that is important. I put a lot of my heart in to this book, and even though all of the issues I was trying to come to terms with resolved themselves the next day, I will keep this book close to heart.

later loves

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  1. This is inspirational! It's work like yours that inspires me!


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