Sunday, February 05, 2012

Local Finds

I have noticed my Found! scheduled posts are growing in number, especially in the "local" category. So I thought I would change my Found! Focus to be more local in flava-flave!

And I want to put it out there that I am accepting "submissions" of other local places and faces that might be of interest to the rest of my Edmonton readers! If you have a favourite little breakfast place, or funky boutique, or art store I want to know about it! Take a photo, write a blurb and pass it along...much obliged I will be.

Thai Valley Grill

I first went there with Russ' family for a birthday dinner back in August, and R & I just got back there on Tuesday for a little Date Night.

They are only open in the evenings, and never on Sunday. It is a tiny little hole-in-the-wall of a place, so I would recommend booking a table even if you are in a small party, especially if you are going on a Friday or Saturday night. There were lots of tables still available on Tuesday night, but it was quite full when we went in the summer. They also offer Take-Out, which is a dangerous thought!!

We only ordered two dishes last week. A pork dish with vegetables, called "Something-Something-King". It was #49. We also ordered a Pad Thai, which is kind of standard/boring, but so delicious!

You can choose your spice-level with each dish. Some are naturally hotter than others (some of the curries, for example), but we went with medium and it was just right, but then again, we like spicy stuff!

And you can't go wrong with the coconut rice! But make sure you order enough. One order is only a small bowl. We were lucky that the Pad Thai comes with noodles. I would recommend ordering one bowl of rice per person/per dish.

Pricing was about $16-$17 per dish. The rice is $3.50 per order. They offer loads of (Thai) beer and wine, but we stuck to water. Our bill was around $40. They do have a little note posted on the door stating their prices are going up...

I highly recommend this place for its food, atmosphere, pricing, and local flare!

Wow...that was almost like a real restaurant review! Maybe I've got some more up my sleeves! Remember to get me some recommendations...I'm going to check out the couple of Edmonton food blogs that I am aware of, and see what I can try next!

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  1. Sweet! I love checking out local restaurants. And that's awesome you're in Edmonton too! My work is just a bit northeast of yours.

    Speaking of restaurants, have you been to New York Bagel?? I love it!


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