Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lisa Tidbits

Whenever I walk into the stairwell at work (downtown) I think of the Zombie apocalypse. I think any closed-in, concrete stairwell would have the same effect.

I save receipts. Wishful thinking that I will keep track of my spending and transfer all of these figures into an Excel spreadsheet that I have for just such an occasion filled with one year's worth of data from two years ago. I have two drawers full at home. *Updated: I emptied those drawers out! Yay me!

I love my computer, and I can type really fast, but I still prefer to use a pen and paper when I want to write something out.

I wash my face with a castor oil/EVOO blend and I wash my hair with a bar of soap and an apple cider vinegar rinse. But I also die my hair and wear makeup almost everyday...I'm only part hippie! Maybe a quarter. Or an eighth.

I'm a paper hoarder. I have a new rule that I am not allowed to bring home any more envelopes from work, or keep any that come here no matter how good of shape they are in!

I want to live in an 80s movie. With a good soundtrack. Silly Lisa...they all have good soundtracks!

I love oatmeal. I love a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs. And I love breakfast for dinner!

I drink far too much coffee.

My craft room and the files on my part of R's laptop are terrible cluttered. It's just my style, I guess.

I hate being late for things. Often I am so early, it defies reason.

I can't make decisions easily. And I change my mind a lot. Home decor is a difficult thing for me. As is purchasing a bottle of nail polish.

I love doing manual labour chores. Like shoveling snow and raking leaves. My father is the king of snow shoveling, so I come by this naturally.

I can't bake. Perhaps this has something to do with the point directly above...

Up-and-coming on the blog:
- The final mini album for my Month of Minis
- Some sort of clever Fashion Un-Able post
- More layouts!
- And a fabulous mixed media art project!

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