Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Day

One of the things I love about Project Awesome Life is that it provides a great way to tell those goofy little stories that come with everyday life.

Like the time Scarlett and I were taking goofy pictures of ourselves at TM. And the way she giggles and bows and waves her arms around when she is excited!

And it affords an opportunity to celebrate the routine and the schedules that we take for granted. Like typing out the instructions for a mini album kit. This is the worst job when making kits like this, as I am sure Nadine would attest to, but it is also something that I take pleasure in because I can see the end result!

And it also leaves space to celebrate the special moments that we would have scrapbooked anyway! Like a Valentine's dinner out with your favourite boys, making the waitress laugh with your "zipper race," and finding out your son thinks you are made of tv a funny way.

I have not been keeping up with my Project Awesome Life like I should be want to be. But I am trying my darndest not to get too far behind, so at least I can play catch up every couple of weeks or so!

My little ugly homemade calendar has been helping me keep track of our daily activities, and give me a place to collect the detritus of everyday comings and goings.

Remember this post? With my rantings about Pinterest? And my two projects to complete? The calendar pictured there was much cuter, but at least I finished a project and am using it! Right!?

Note...for the DIY portion of the post: I am using one of those $1 Excercise books you can find anywhere. Every double page spread represents one week. I draw in the lines with a ruler (if I'm not feeling lazy) and fill in the rest as I go. "Memorabilia" goes in an envelope or gets paper-clipped to the offending page. Voila!

Haven't done anything about the terrarium situation yet (also in that Pinterest post). Although Mom and I had a funny chat about how we use to have loads of them in my childhood home. Funny how trends come and go. Like my new glasses...big is back! Apparently...

P.S. Happy Family Day Alberta! Blog break is officially over!


  1. I hate writing instructions. Hate. But it makes me very happy when people comment on how great they are to follow.

    You look beautiful I your picture with Lucas.

    We work together on Friday... Excited!!!!

  2. I love your new (?) glasses!


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