Saturday, February 11, 2012


I found myself in the midst of a flurry of Internet activity last Friday...all coming from my own browser! I went from one article to another, reading every comment I could find. Feeling happiness and sorrow and vindication and disbelief and anger at every turn.

I thought I would pass on some links, so you can maybe open your mind a little as well...

Harper's Crime Bill really freaks me out...but this just makes me mad.

I know that I would do anything to stand up for my child. It frightens me to think that not everyone is like that, and in some cases people do everything in their power to take away security our children are supposed to feel in their schools.

Finally, a handy infographic to explain my newly found hate-on for carbs!

I think these Mitt Romney's Out-of-Touch moments are sad, but hilarious! Possibly the best/worst of the bunch is #1, when he tries to explain to people that he's empathetic towards the unemployed because he himself is also unemployed...from the mouth of idiots...and to think that one day this guy might be president.

How OAS might change for the better or worse in the coming years...depending on who you ask (don't ask me!)

Are you confused by your taxes? Me too...I can't imagine having to deal with this tax system.

I love Infographics! On buying local. On where to put gov't spending.

And this one, which is quirky and inspiring and vintage and modern. Wonderful! Cabinet Card Superheroes. (you can also try this link, which wasn't working the other day)

And I love this "look book" from Anthropologie! Mixing photos with videos is pretty sweet in my books!

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  1. If everything was an info graphic... i would read a lot. I would also be much smarter. Thanks for sharing!


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