Monday, January 30, 2012

Project AWESOME Life - Month One!

I kept it up! I finished four whole weeks of Project Life! ACK!!

Week proud of how this turned out! This was the best Sunday night of scrapping. I had to show it to Russ while he was reading in bed...and even he thought it was pretty cool.
Pages: one 4x6 photo album page, one trading card page.
I remember thinking how amazing this was, and how I was immediately even more committed to making sure this worked, and making sure I stuck with it. I was very organized for the week, keeping all the "stuff" that I had collected in a large page protector in the P.L. album. I printed off all my smaller photos on Sunday night and scrapbooked them right away. I had jotted down all the things we accomplished each day and tucked that sheet in the page protector as well. I made good use of all the pre-cut cards and made sure my tiny alpha stickers were close by!

Week Two... I really didn't take a lot of photos this week, even with the trip on the weekend.
Pages: one 3.5x5 photo album page, one 6x11 layout
I knew wanted to do a fun layout using some of the photos I took in Canmore. I think I will continue to scrapbook big events like this in my usual way.

Week Three...didn't get finished until Wednesday of Week Four! Oh my! Highlights of this week include two fabulous dinners with friends/family and getting a library card!
Pages: one trading card page, one 3.5x5 photo album page, and one 8.5x11 page (memorabilia)

Lucas has really been enjoying math at school (and at home) lately. His math teacher, Mrs. Gould, stopped in the hall this week and told me what a delight Lucas is in class. He gets all of the concepts right away, and even if his printing isn't the best she can read it all, which is what counts anyway. I wanted to include something school and math-related this week, so I tucked this entire adding sheet into a page protector, along with his little "Book of One More".
I've been doing lots of journaling right on the photos. All of mine are printed on very matte photo paper at home, so I don't have to use a special pen, although it is acid free. I put together a little "P.A.L." kit containing some appropriate-coloured mini alpha, label stickers and a corner rounder. This was super handy for scrapbooking at TM and at home on the DR table.

Week Four...
Pages: One 3.5x5 photo album page, two 6x11 layouts, one trading card page (not shown), and one 8.5x11 layout (also not shown)

I'm in the process of completely the last couple of layouts for this past week. I'll post that with February's re-cap. I am really enjoying PAL so far. My trick has been to collect everything, try to take some notes (I'm terrible at this, btw) and finish everything up on the Sunday night ending the week. And this month I did really good! Suprisingly good!!

I'm still thinking about getting some pre-made journaling cards, but I actually did okay without them this month. But they're so pretty...

It has also surprised me how creative I feel when I'm scrapping my week in its little blots and bits, adding only tiny alphas for colour. Adding in memorabilia and ephemera is right up my alley and I love how every photo has the opportunity to become a little mini layout!

My other trick is not to look at what other people are doing with their albums, aside from Nadine's because Anna is just so cute! and she and I seem to be on the same wave-length with this thing. I also like Julie F-F-B's book for the same reason. We are all keeping it simple, and keeping it about recording our moments and not letting our artsy-fartsy get in the way! Don't get me wrong, Nadine's album is beautiful, but it's also full of her life and Anna and photos and memories. That's the important stuff...not all

garn...I sure made this a doozy of a post!

thanks for sticking it out...

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  1. Your pages look great!!! I am trying hard to keep track of all the stories, it's something I never really pay attention to but ... What the hell am I scrapbooking for then?
    You've always been so great at that. I feel a little like I missed out now on all the things that happened her first year & I didn't write down. Insert a pouting face here.
    Great work Lisa... As always.


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