Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Words Mini

I made a bunch of albums like this for my friends years ago, including an extra one for myself. That album has sat around collecting dust in my studio since then. Sad, I know.

This week I made a sweet new little word album, filling it with photos and sentiments and hoping that this inspires me to finish the one I started so long ago!

Cover: Patterned paper, cut to the same size as the rest of the album pages.
Binding: Decorative tape...each page is taped to one another, with one final piece along the spine.
Size: 2.5" by 5.0"

And here are some screen shots and a little write up to help you make your own!!

I made the backbone of this album using MS Word. I don't own Photoshop or any other fancy editing software, so I make due! And it works just fine thanks, and I'm not spending a tonne of time messing with a bunch of settings trying to make it "perfect"!

And I've made it even easier myself by making a custom LABEL sheet. This makes sure all of my "pages" are the same size and easy to add whatever words I want. Save the label sheet and use it again and again to make all kinds of different mini albums!

To do this, click on "Mailings" in the top menu, then "Labels". On the new screen that pops up, select "Options" and then "New Label" to create your custom sized album. I changed all those numbers you see below to best fit my paper and the kind of album I wanted. You might have to fiddle around with page size (and orientation), and do some really basic math to make sure you get everything to fit correctly. Once you have something you like, select "OK" and then "New Document". This will give you a new sheet of "labels" that you can start editing. Don't forget to save it somewhere you will be able to find it again!

See those borders? You can change their look so they actually print, thereby making it much easier to cut in the right spot after you have printed the sheet. I'm all about the "easy" this week!!

I printed it on to some random white paper I found in my basement. And I use the word "white" loosely!

I printed all of my photos at home, sized 3x5. I lined them up on the opposing pages, and cut off the excess after I had glued them down.

Don't forget to round all of your looks so much more professional. HA!

If you really wanted to customize the look of your album, you could print your words in colour or in a really funky font! I love plain old black Century Gothic, so that's what I chose.

I hope you enjoyed my mini this week...sorry there is no video! HA!


  1. This is fabulous!!! I have been seeing simple books like this here & there and they're just perfect! You're inspiring!

  2. This is so cool, Lisa! Thanks for the mini!


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