Monday, January 23, 2012

Budget Smudget

Sometimes when you see something you want, you just gots to grab it! And while I know that this was a complete impulse buy, and a shameful one at that, I just had to share.

The new My Mind's Eye is available for pre-order on the TM Store...can you say "be still my heart"?

I know this stuff disappears as soon as it is out of the box, so I thought I could at least reserve some of my favourites.

Like...this paper, and this one too. And these label stickers (and these, these and these too). Because you never can have enough cute label stickers!

And don't forget some rhinestones. I like bling just as much as the next girl!

But don't feel left out! You too can take advantage of all this pre-order goodness! Just wander on over to the TM Online'll be happy you made the trip!

And just to show that I "need" and "deserve" these new goodies, I completed a layout using a bunch of my "old" stuff...Enjoy!
Do you recognize all the old stuff? I have this strange (and completely useful) ability to tell you the brand name of most scrapbooking stuff. And if I don't recognize it, I can give you a pretty accurate guess, or tell you which brand it reminds me of. I am a complete scrapbook snob, wouldn't you say? 

See...I did find some time to scrapbook! Yay me! What did you do this weekend??

p.s. I featured this layout on the TM Inspiration blog on Friday. Check it out here.

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  1. Woop, it's almost next weekend now! Looked for work last weekend, looking for work next weekend. Same old, same old. Another super LO, Lisa!


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