Friday, December 30, 2011

Layouts of the Year Part Two


August...I did a lot of good scrapping in August, but this one seems to be the winner. I know that it was a favourite at the store as well. This is my first attempt at using my Copic doodles on a page!

September...This was the month I posted all my TM Kit layouts, so it was kind of layout overload!! But I think I love this one the most, and it had nothing at all to do with my kit.

October...All of my Jasper trip layouts were posted this month, and I was trying to use up some older supplies. I was still obsessed with inks and stencils, but I completed some beautiful ink-less pages this month as well. I love the colours and the lines in this one, but I really think the photos make this layout.

November...this month I accepted a challenge, and I think the resulting page is pretty sweet. I have also been using my copic doodle downloadables a lot!

December...I only posted two layouts this month! And one of them was scheduled for while I was away!! It's the winner.

And that is the end of my year in review. I have no grand plans or schemes or goals related to scrapbooking for 2012. No number of pages, or quantity of mini albums I want to complete. I have actually been falling out of love with my favourite hobby in the last couple of months or so. Perhaps my goal should be either to re-affirm my love for this craft, or move away from it entirely. More thoughts on this to come...

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  1. it's fun going back and looking at all that we accomplish isn't it? I really like your February and November layouts, but then it's a bit hard to pick with you because I like them all!! Happy New Years :)


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