Friday, October 14, 2011

Ink it Up...a vlog!

Here is a ridiculous technique VLOG, in which I show you how to make the background shown below using all manner of inks! Enjoy!!

The vlog is long...again...I guess I just like to hear myself talk! HA! But if you stick it out, I promise that I am much more organized than in the last vlog, and you actually might learn something! HA...again!

Supply specifics are in italics
Super light glimmer mist, plus a darker one in a similar colour: Crushed Shells and Key Lime Pie
Alcohol ink in a contrasting colour: Rust
Colour wash: Lettuce and Pesto
Number or word stamp and Archival Ink: Coffee
A stencil/mask or two: Balzer Designs large Chevron
Paper bags, craft mat or tablecloth to protect your work surface (colour wash...)
White or ivory cardstock
Heat gun
Small cup of water or a spray bottle

Details on the workshop I mention in the video can be found here:
Inking Workshop Info: choose November 5th or 17th...see the post for more details
TM Classes Blog...Nadine has some awesome Xmas classes coming up!!

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