Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm a Goonie!

My hair is so bad this week. I think it is staging a revolt against me, as it is revolting! (ha...groan).

I understand that it is upset to have been cut so unceremoniously, but that is no reason to start growing back at uncomfortable angles and stick out all "willy-nilly" like.

I have decided to hide it under a variety of hats and scarves until it starts behaving again.
Also I have become slightly obsessed with white tees and tanks. Most of Superstore's summer stock is on sale right now so I might have gone a little crazy. Emphasis on "Might" and "Crazy". It's all can never have too many white tank tops right? Right...???

Today I slept in (camp took its toll on me as well this week), then we headed to the Farmer's Market in St. Albert (Russ' pick). Now I'm busy tidying up some TM blog things, and setting up some posts for next week.

I met a very wonderful mixed media artist in St. Albert today...her paintings stopped me in my tracks! I want to do some more digging (and possibly emailing!) and then I will do a feature post of her work. It is so amazing! You will love this stuff for inspiration and for eye candy!

Until we meet again...

lyrics from "Reptilia" by the Strokes
digi washi tape by Pugly Pixel

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