Friday, August 19, 2011

Feature Friday...

On the Inspiration Blog last week was Chantel and this week it's ____________.

I love seeing the ladies' pages up in the store, so it excites me to know we can now share them with the World Wide Web! Yay technology!

I thought I would share another layout I completed with my staff kit this month, one that accompanies the pages on my Feature Friday.

This is meant to be a "double page layout"...not that I do many of these anymore. I like how this one turned out because it matches, but it's not "matchey"...please don't ask me to explain this concept. I used the same papers and embellishments on each side of the layout, but didn't try to make them match in the middle or mirror each other's layout or anything. The green ribbon and funny Instax photo help continue the story on the second page, and I left myself lots of room to write about the moments that made the day special.

Here's a thought...why not add some memorabilia to your next scrapbook layout. Last week at the LNC Kerry showed me a great page she's starting to make, on which she's going to incorporate her wedding invitation in a really unique way! I absolutely love this idea, as it really takes me back to how scrapbooking started. Yay nostalgia!!

T-minus twelve hours and counting until Lucas' birthday bash begins...goodbye sanity...

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