Monday, July 11, 2011

Sneak Peek...Road Trip Album!

It was a daunting task for me, devising a way to scrapbook, on the road for THREE WEEKS! I had to make sure I had a stable and suitable album that was large enough to contain and explain the trip we leave on in THREE DAYS (ACK! hyperventilating...pass me a paper bag...thanks...that's better).

But I think I've done it...
This is an old Ledger binder I picked up at a thrift store ages ago without a purpose in mind. Cause I love ledger books and can't keep my hands off of them...but that's another story.
 The other one is for Lucas. He picked it out at Indigo the other day, and I added "The Dude" to the cover. This will be his scrapbook/exercise book/activity book while we're away. I'm bringing lots of stickers and markers to play with as well.

I spent the past couple of evenings cutting down some pattern paper to fit, and punching the appropriate holes. I figure the handful of ledger sheets and the lettered dividers that came with it will serve as the rest of the pages for the album.

My travel kit and kaboodle was a little harder to amass. How much stuff is necessary? Remember, it's a THREE WEEK TRIP here people...I need me some goodies to play with! It's a little large, but I think it's not unruly! And it will (fingers crossed) provide me with all the inspiration I need!

I've been trying so hard to get some posts scheduled for while we're away, but it's pretty difficult! I had one loyal blog reader answer my call and provide me with a gorgeous guest post. It's scheduled for this week. I'll be posting photos of our trip, updates to the album, and just generally being my crazy little self. I hope you stick around!

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  1. Lisa, you are the best road-album-maker. This (and Lucas') are both going to be awesome!


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