Friday, July 29, 2011

In the blog...

In the news...Jack Layton has been diagnosed with cancer again. He is taking a leave of absence from his duties as Opposition Leader until the session starts up again in the fall. I wish him continued health and a speedy recovery!

In the mail...waiting for us when we got home, was a large package from my Master Composter fearless leaders. Included within was a congratulatory note, a large photo of all the grads together in their Sunday/Grad best, and this photo of me with City Councillor Don Iveson. Now, I will preface this next statement with the fact that I am quite short for an adult human, but he's a tall man. Like super tall. We had some tall guys in my class, and he was taller than the tallest guy!

In the camera...
Looking back through some of our photos last night, I realize that I love to take photos of architecture and clouds. Like, overwhelmingly so! See...
 Buffalo, NY

 Outside Buffalo

 Hockey Hall of Fame, in the Stanley Cup room (it used to be a bank)

 Random Toronto church. There are lots more of these kinds of photos!

 The Royal Ontario Museum. I was chomping at the bit to get in here...they were doing an exposition of old Bollywood Film Posters!

St. James church in Toronto. Our hotel was quite close, and we got to hear the bells ringing.

 Somewhere in northern Ontario.

 Alberta maybe? Or Saskatchewan? You can see all the bugs on our windshield.

 I think this one is my favourite. I got all emotional and quiet when we started seeing the fields of wheat and canola in Alberta. This is my kind of life.

 I took dozens of pictures of this cloud formation. (there's another one below). You could see the rays of sunlight piercing the clouds. The sky was the most beautiful shades of blue, yellow and orange.

We're doing some groceries today, an event I have "dressed up" for. I scrapbooked last night (so great!). And I get to teach an - as of yet - imaginary Make & Take at the LNC at TM tonight. I've made some decisions about the blog and an upcoming bathroom reno, so expect to see more of those topics here in the next little bit. I'm hoping to get to a Farmer's Market tomorrow morning to stock up on some healthy goodies, and get back into eating better...the vacation was not good to us in that area!

Other than that...


  1. Hi Lisa!! Happy to see you back:) Your photos are beautiful and I have to tell you I get that feeling too when I drive through Alberta and Saskatchewan... I'm a prairie girl at heart!

  2. oh and I forgot to say Congratulations on your success!! He certainly is tall isn't he??!!

  3. TERRIFIC photos-love them all. Ain't Canada grand??? (and I think you're normal size. He's toooo big)


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