Wednesday, July 06, 2011

how ya like me now?

I promise we didn't spend all afternoon doing this...

We went out for Sushi (not as good as expected), said hi to Chan, Jill and Kirsten at the store (Hi!), bought some books at Indigo (and they went into my suitcase immediately upon arriving home so I won't be tempted...) and a treat at Starbucks.

Upon arriving home we immediately went back to the position in the photo above, but at least "we" weren't wearing our pajamas anymore!

And ignore my ugly toes, but they give you a *blue* indication of what I was up to the hair department! ACK! You'll have to wait until later for a final reveal, cause I am really slumming it in the wardrobe department today and don't need to share that with anyone! And please don't ask how I ended up with blue hair dye on my wasn't on purpose, I assure you!

So hair makeover, check. And blog makeover, check as well!

Including a new

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  1. Ohm c'mon, tell us. We won't tell anyone....


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