Thursday, July 07, 2011

Crafty Thursday

Welcome to my latest "Crafty Thursday" on this 7-11. Today's theme is Compost and Green Living! Oops...did you think I forgot about posting a scrapbook-related project? I didn' get two posts for the price of one today, people. Relish the time I'm saving you!

Lucas loved putting the bin back together after Dad & I took it apart - it was like a big puzzle - and he played "kitty house" inside for most of the time we were working in the yard! He loved it when I put the lid on and closed the flaps. He would poke his head out and "surprise" us, and then crawl out the bottom door. The smile on his face and his giggles were contagious!
Green Living - My Compost Bin

Many weekends ago Dad & I "fixed" my compost so the darn tree roots wouldn't grow right up into it! We emptied the compost into some large garbage cans, and got rid of any roots. Then we dug down about 12" under where the bin would sit. My bin is in the corner of my yard, so it has fence on both sides. Our hole started along the fence and extended to the edge of the flower bed on one side and about 3 feet in the other direction. Each side of the fence got a piece of garden fabric that is designed to keep weeds out, as well as a piece of plywood cut to fit the space. We made sure the hole was level, then Dad cut a large piece of plywood to fit in the hole. We filled any spaces under the board with extra dirt, and then re-assembled the compost bin on top, and put all the compost back inside.

The roots that were growing up into the compost took up a lot of space, and my compost was much lower than when we started. The dirt that came out of the bottom of the bin was so perfect! Just what my plants need! I'm hoping the board and fabric barrier keep those pesky roots out of my compost for a couple of years at least. I'm not looking forward to the day the wood starts breaking down, but I'll worry about that when it happens! For now I'm just glad I won't have to dig around the roots when I want to harvest my bin in the fall!

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