Monday, July 04, 2011

Fashion DIY Inspired by...

I love Mod Cloth! It is a great website full of super cute and funky clothes. I have only made two purchases (#1, and #2) from them, but check out their site on a practically daily basis, just for ideas.

A lot of their clothing is right up my alley...funky, retro, colourful, and more!

But a lot of it is too pricey to fit into my standard clothing allowance/budget. Which essentially amounts to this: it's more expensive than thrifting! HA!

So, I thought I could pull some outfit ideas from their site and try to find VV-similar styles to work! And if that doesn't work, I can always try altering some of the clothes I already own to fit some of these styles or silhouettes.

I really lurve the dresses on Mod Cloth. If you had asked me a couple of years ago, I would have told you that I never wear dresses because they usually make me look like one of the following: short, fat, short and fat, lumpy, grumpy and bumpy. no fun!

But Mod Cloth dresses are fashionable and fun and make you look like a million bucks! And make you feel that way as well...that's the best part!

Here are some of my current favourites...

Some of their tops are super cute as well!

It doesn't hurt that this one is named after one of my favourite movies of all time!

And if you come back later in the week, I'll show you my interpretations of some of the pieces above! 
This was a super fun DIY for me! Taking inspiration from my favourite site, and revamping some of my existing tops and dresses in the meantime! I wanted to have this post finished last week, but some of the inspired pieces are taking longer than planned, cause I didn't have a good plan for them. Oops!

I'm trying to get some posts scheduled for while I'm away so you'll never even know I'm gone...we'll see how that goes! I might be too busy packing until the last minute. I just have to remember to leave room for all the stuff I'm going to stock up on when we're in the States. If any of my Canadian readers have requests, I'm taking them!

love ya long time...


  1. These outfits are AWESOME! And so very you! (although I would wear one or two of them if I had to. lol)

  2. I lurve them all! I can't wait to see you interpretations!!! Thanks for thinkIng of us while you're gone-need my fix!

  3. We must have the same taste because I love them all!


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