Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Quick Stop

I have a genuine to-do list today, one that I have full and honourable intentions of actually finishing, so I'm only going to stop in for a moment and fill you in on some things I've been working on this week.

Last week I finished up this fabulous sash for our LNC Hostess to wear at work. Paige is my gorgeous model here! I need to make the second one this week before Friday's going to be pink.

I've also been busy creating with the latest "staff kit" from TM...all Jenni Bowlin, all the time! Here are some sneak peeks. I think Chan has something spectacular planned for them, blog-related, so I won't spoil the grand reveal! Oh my...I will get them up on a Crafty Thursday post one of these days. Be prepared for lots of butterflies and randomness, as per my usual standards!

I'm almost out of here...
I did really well with my "3 Goals" last week, so I decided to tackle another set this week. Danielle's last "8 Weeks to a Better Me" post was from Leigh-Ann, and focused on creativity. But again, I'm going to jump backwards to Week Three, which focused on Healthy Eating. Tracy had some great tips and ideas! And cute photos too!
1. Put into play some of the tips I got from the book I'm reading (Feed Your Face): no dairy (for acne), no added sugar, lots of tomato paste and green tea (to protect against the sun). Keep reading through the day-to-day meal planner section and start planning some meals and snacks for next week.

2. Eat a spinach salad every day, with red peppers. Get Russel eating one as well! Make sure we get our vegetables every day. Lucas too!

3. Drink a full bottle of water every least. Especially when I feel like snacking mindlessly.

A Lisa-Story about Water Bottles. I have a problem with spilling bottles of water all over myself, or in my purse, or on the seat of my car, etc. Yesterday when I left TM I threw my water bottle back in my purse and headed out. I could have sworn that I checked it multiple times to make sure the lid was screwed on tight. But it totally wasn't! So when I got to Safeway, and I grabbed my purse from the floor and it started leaking, I knew something was wrong. Everything was soaked! I actually had to turn the purse upside down to drain the water and a little mini-flood came rushing out! I lay all my receipts, my Instax pics, and my wallet on the passenger seat to dry as I ran in to get my groceries. Note to self: a well-placed pantyliner absorbs water inside your wallet that would normally have destroyed all your Instax pics and your sanity...keep it up! My purse and wallet are still drying out today...yay me!

That's all peeps. Enjoy this fabulouso summer day we have ahead of us! We're Orienteering tonight with Russel's bro and his girlfriend. And the Smash Books are in at TM!! And I have a smile on my face...

listening to The Kills, Gang Gang Dance, Grouplove, Hortlax Cobra...yes I spent some $$ on iTunes last worth it.

later skater alligator

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  1. love the Lisa-water bottle story, that made my day!


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