Tuesday, June 07, 2011

8 Weeks

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet has been curating a lovely blog series for the past little bit. Since it is goal-oriented, I have previously just been reading the entries, but not really playing along. I have a bad track record with making goals. As soon as I write something down, and say I'm going to commit to it, regardless of if its an activity, an end result or a long-term step-by-step planning session, I never do it. Like ever. Maybe this is why all those terrible, grueling goal-writing sessions we had in high school were ever so painful! It's like I have a mental block, like I'm being rebellious in the only way I know how when I avoid the tasks I have set for myself.

Dude...really!? You are so lame!

So this week I thought I would at least attempt to play along with...
Week 6 is Home Sweet Home, and the guest post is by Mandi (Here's Looking at Me Kid), whom I totally adore! So I am going to take some...many...okay, most of her tips to heart an put them to work in my own home this week.

I have yet to finish the minor furniture swap I started in the living room last week, and now the clutter is starting to form on every newly available transitional surface, making it harder and harder for me to see the forest for the trees. Or in this case, the trees for the forest.

I had grand shelving plans for the silly DR wall that I love to hate, but I might scale those back and focus my energy on reducing the vast amount of stuff I need to store! And then I can decide which storage system to go with.

I am kind of in love with a more "industrial" look right now, and when I saw this (for the hundredth time) in the IKEA catalogue, I was really inspired. I don't have a window though, so the space in the middle will be filled with an antique (yellow) desk and some artwork.
I like the idea of having a wall full of shelves, but is this too exposed for my DR? I'm not keen on getting bookshelves back down there, cause I was not a fan of this look the first time around. Oh my...I need professional help. Some sort of psychiatric interior designer or something!

I have said it once and I will say it again and again...I change my mind a lot! I can never stick with a design or layout for long before I get antsy, and start thinking about how much "better" it could be and before you know it I'm running to IKEA or checking out thrift stores and I'm bringing home more furniture. And moving around the stuff I already have.

So here are my non-goals for the week...
#1. Tidy, de-clutter and purge a lot of stuff from my LR/DR. That includes the empty cardboard box taking up space, that just needs to go out to the bin, as well as all of Lucas' stuff that I keep meaning to do something with! Get rid of the end table!

#2. Move the last Expedit from DR to LR, and get the tv up on it, with Russel's help of course! Move the pictures that will then be hidden behind the tv somewhere else.

#3. Find some cheap, yet fabulous fabric and find the extra curtain rods collecting dust somewhere in the house and make new curtains for the sliding doors, cause those dirty blinds have got to go!!

And then one day in the future, maybe I'll be organized enough to tackle this...
Some yummy cork floor! found here

updated: I did up a little sketch of how the wall might look with those shelves, and I love it!! It looks so great to me, I love a full wall! And it actually solves some other decor/storage "problems" I've encountered, so that gives it some bonus points as well.

And Can I Just Say: While I love my little Expedit shelves, I am kind of sick of seeing those giant ones everywhere. I get that they must be a great storage solution if everyone and their dog has one (or two) in their homes, but doesn't it get old and overdone at some point? Cause, I'm there people, I am so there...so no large Expedit in store for lisa, no sirree!

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  1. Boxes/baskets are great for storage if you put stuff back where they belong! At our house we are too lazy to pull the box out of the shelf and open the lid to put stuff back in again so random paper and junk end up on top of the box or beside the box or piled elsewhere in the itty bitty condo. I will admit I am guilty of doing this but Alexander likes to keep everything and its Uncle so hes got a lot more crap he doesn’t put away. Drives me bonkers! :)


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