Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweet Boys

Today I am busy busy at TM, teaching two classes. Which is pretty much my whole day. Then out to dinner and then to karaoke to celebrate my buddy's 31st. To get me through this long long day, I will be thinking about Friday afternoon and my sweet boys...

I got to babysit Jacob for about an hour yesterday. It wasn't long enough. He ate three slices of watermelon. Emptied out Lucas' basket of cars twice. Waved at everything and everyone. Wanted to play in the parking lot. Crawled in the sand. Was so wonderful!

And Lucas was really good with him, and showed off his much-improved colouring skills. Looks like we need to replace the yellow pen now as well (red and grey were the first to go!)


  1. Jacob is a cutie!

  2. Look at the eyelashes!!
    And go Lucas go!! Use up ALL your crayons!!


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