Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hi All!

I guess I took a mini break there! Yesterday was my anniversary, and I am having a deja vu moment that I have blogged this before...oh wait, I sort of have. I did start writing a post yesterday, but was too tired at the end of the day to finish it. And since I felt a moment of crafty inspiration hit I had to spend my precious hour before bed in my craft room. I tackled a couple more pages from my little "30 Somethings" album, which is sort of taking on a life of its own! Isn't it funny that with long minis like that, they sort of start out one way and then end up a whole other way!

Oh gosh, where was I.

That's right, anniversary.

I didn't take any photos of us. So I am going to try and capture the evening with words as best I can.

We headed out as soon as Russel got home, out to dinner, the three of us.

Mom (that's me) wanted a patio and a cold drink, Dude-Lucas wanted BPs (no surprise there!) and Poppa wanted to go wherever I wanted to go (good man!).

Since I wasn't picky about my drink, just that it had to be cold, I took Lucas' suggestion and we headed to the patio at BPs South Common.

Lucas always "decides" on about four different dinner options before really deciding on his "usual". And that's spaghetti with meat sauce. And he's getting loud and coherent enough to sort of order on his own!

Russ and I went with the Boston Royal "for nostalgic's sake"...this is the pizza we used to always order, without fail! We spent a lot of time at Boston Pizza before we got married!

Some beers and cool slush were had. We chatted and Lucas coloured.

He sat on my lap and ate his "worms and dirt" dessert.

The sun was warm on my neck, hot even! It was so beautiful out, and yet we were the only ones on the patio!

After dinner, we headed over to Twisted Yogurt for some yogurt. I must admit that I am not a fan of their yogurt...all the flavours taste the same to me. But I like the toppings, and I like a cool treat, and I like that the boys really like it there!

Vanilla and choc swirl for Mom with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, choc covered almonds, blueberries, a couple of coke bottles and a cherry on top. Lucas had vanilla with Froot Loops...and that's all.

Russ' cost as much as mine and Lucas combined...he's a growing boy afterall! I have no idea what all was on it! Maybe everything!

Home to snuggles and books with the Dude. I made up a new story for some of Lucas' baby board books. Listening to his giggles was proof enough that the story made the grade!

I worked on my album, and then read some more of my iBook in bed...oh wait...that's right...I never did post that post...

so here it is:

So, to all those Moms out there reading notladylike, I hope you had a wonderful and relaxed Mother's Day! I got to do some "gardening" (i.e. moving dirt and compost around in my backyard), then we had burgers at Dad's for dinner. We played out front after dinner with Thalia and her mom, and stayed up a little late! And Russ finally let me cut his hair! Overall, it was a pretty splendid day, I'd say!

The boys bought me a lovely Mother's Day present...a new iPad! I guess I've been so miserable without my iPod, they were just sick of me, and wanted it all to end! HA! Plus, this saves Russel from having to buy me an anniversary present as well (It's today! EIGHT YEARS! Wowee-Wow-Wow!)

I never thought I would want an iPad, but now that I have one, I am quite smitten! It's taking a bit of getting used to, cause it's so much bigger than my Touch, but the screen is beautiful, and it has two cameras, and the sound quality from the speakers is amazing!

(back to the original post)

So I downloaded a Neil Gaiman book to read, and so far it's been great! I just learned about some DRM issues that have been plaguing iBooks and iTunes purchases, so now I have to be really careful what I buy.

I have also found that I am reluctant ot pull out my iPad and check it out while waiting at Starbucks for my coffee in the morning! It seems uncouth or something! A tiny phone, or even a massive iPhone is one thing, but an iPad...I guess I'm still getting used to it.

And now I get to shop for fun and pretty accessories! I already found a sleeve on Etsy that I like, so at least I can leave you with a photo!

Have a happy day!


  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy late mother's day! SOunds like it was a good one.

  2. Congratulations on both celebrations! And the new IPAD. I still don't know what am IPAD is, but at least I can spell it.That's progress for me.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Cory & I dream of some day owning an IPad.

    For now I have my eyes set on an IPhone... I want to have all the cool photo apps! Yup, that's the main (maybe the only) reason I want one.

    I'll be honest- I have had my blackberry for 2 years and am still trying to figure it out so perhaps an IPhone is too advanced for me. :(


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