Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Spring Projects

It is still so cold and dreary and dirty in Edmonton right now. We've got at least another month of this mess before it starts staying warm and the street sweepers come out to play.

So I have been filling my imagination sketch books with images of birds and nests, and flowers on trees, and pretty dainty things.

really want to try my hand at making my own bird's nest. And since, I'm not technically a bird, it might not be the easiest thing! But i am taking some tips from this post and hoping for the best. See...didn't hers turn out so nice?

I have been thinking of some spring-themed assemblages I can do. I have been pulling bits and bobs that I come across in the studio and putting them in a new pile I have imaginarily named "Assemblage Pile". I have a gillion things on an actual to-do list that need to happen before the assemblages get assembled, but a girl can dream eh?

updated: I totally made one of those birds nests! Watch for another post in the next week...or just stop by TM to see the original live and in person!

Yesterday was such a boring day at work. DJ and I are all caught up on everything, and so we spent most of the day checking our emails, Facebooking, and generally trying to look busy. Today, I plan on getting some cleaning and organizing done around the house. I am officially sick of my house being a sty, and all the work I've done in my studio, as well as some timely blog posts, have inspired me to get down to it. I'll try and keep you updated.

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