Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hump Day DIY

Remember this wreath DIY? I don't think I was exaggerating when I called it the "Best DIY Evah!" But now, I've gone and done it again! This is the before...

and this is the most recent shot...yikes! I like the colour, but I don't like the needly mess it's leaving behind whenever I touch it.
So I love the ribbon, and the colours, and the feathers, but I need to re-new and

Supplies Needed:
- embroidery hoop and leftover metal wreath frame
- wire, wire cutters
- all the leftover embellished pieces from the wreath I took apart (if you don't have a wreath to take apart, you will need to make these can refer to my first post for the directions)

Step One: Take that old wreath apart! Using wire cutters, pull off all the embellishments and ribbon. Then unravel the wire that holds all the greenery in place. Have a garbage bag handy to get the dead green stuff put away.

Step Two: Wire your embroidery hoop and the metal wreath form from the original wreath together. It helps if they are close to the same size.

Step Three: Start wrapping your lengths of ribbon around the hoops. Wire the ends of the ribbon to the wire frame, then wrap, then wire the other end. Overlap the next ribbon, and keep going until your entire hoop is covered.

Step Four: Embellish, using those pieces leftover from the dismantled wreath, or things you have at home!

The finished wreath...

This was an easy and quick wreath to make, even with all the "demolition" of the old one. And again, everything is wired on, so I can re-do it at any time! Hazaah!
p.s. Thanks to all of you who have filled out my blog survey in the previous post. You rock! I especially love reading all the anonymous comments. So funny! If you haven't checked out the survey yet, it's in the post below and it only takes a moment or two of your time, but I appreciate it muchly!

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  1. Yeeeah so that's gorgeous and I will now just buy wreaths to keep the .....innards? And then I will learn to be crafty.

    But seriously, the new one is GORGEOUS. It makes me want to wear summer colours and sunglasses and sandals!!


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