Tuesday, March 15, 2011

today...in short

I have my interview for the Master Composer and Recycling Program today. Mostly just to determine I'm not a whackjob...wish me luck?

I lurve tubing...down a ski hill...I'll tell you the whole story later.

I hate Spring Forward. Why does it take me a week to catch up on one hour of missed sleep?

Buying Cameron Carpenter tickets in about 7 minutes, give or take.

It's very hard to draw a jackalope. So instead I drew the panel of journalists from the National. Chantel and Andrew are not at all jackalope-like! Thank goodness!

Was looking forward to have another early night tonight, but I have a Board meeting, so instead I get to take notes while people talk, for two hours, then go home and not type up the minutes until 5 days before the next meeting and only sort of feel guilty!

I hate Blogger's auto-save feature sometimes. I just accidentally deleted 90% of this post and then it got saved that way...gee thanks.

later skater alligator

(p.s. this was the "I-gots-nothing" post, but I'm still going to post something, even if it is a whole lot of nothing...I hope you enjoyed it! HA! Wednesday and Thursday are looking much better!)

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