Friday, March 04, 2011

Layers and a cake!

It has been so cold here -30 degrees when I get in my car in the morning...yikes! And I keep the house at a rather chilly temperature (I blame my frugal dad for that one), so I am always bundling up and adding a sweater, even when I'm just sitting around at home, and especially when I have to leave the house or go sit in my craft room!

Leggings and cardigans are must-haves in this weather. I never feel guilty when I purchase 2 pairs of leggings at Superstore, or go back the next day and get a couple more. I like to have them in constant rotation!

Tuesday looked like...
outfit details:
Shoes, leggings, dress: Joe Fresh (Superstore)
Scarf: Craft sale...I can't remember the artist
Belt: Addition-Elle

Thursday looked like...
outfit details:
Sweater, leggings, shoes: Joe Fresh 
Shirt: see note below
Skirt: Addition-Elle (I think), maybe's old and way too big!

I hope to do a little write up at a later date about the shirt I'm wearing in this photo...'cause I totally made it!! I Re-Styled two other shirts and requisitioned a waistband from an old pair of jeans! I spent most of Wednesday working on it (among other fun things!), and I took my time, pinned everything, and checked and double-checked before I sewed anything. It was so super fun, and now I have a great shirt to wear made from two shirts that I didn't wear anymore!

More on my other Wednesday projects soon...I have a lot of blog-ideas brewing, and only so many days in the week! I also don't want to overload you with blog posts! Ugh!! I hate that...

If you can't get enough fashion posts, go check out Kara's blog...she has started posting her fun fashions! Finally!!

on another note...

And, so far so feeling very inspired and very ready-and-raring to go and focus more attention and loving on Lime Door!

later skater alligator


  1. You NEED to tell me where you got that scarf! It's so beautiful! Will yourself to remember... for my sake...

  2. You are SO talented, Lisa! Love the skirt.

  3. I'm with Kirsten! That is an amazing scarf!! You look great in these photos! Love outfit no. 1, but I would love to see how you made the shirt in no. 2.


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