Monday, February 21, 2011

365 Project...but don't quote me on that...

So I have sort of tentatively decided to try my hand at a 365 Photo Project. My first thought was to laugh at myself, because I couldn't even keep up with the 52 Weeks project I tried to do a couple of years ago. I think I made it to week three before I petered out.

But so far, I've been doing okay. Not perfect by any means, but I didn't really have high hopes in that regard anyway.

As of February 2nd...
Groundhog Day. Lucas kept talking about how he was a groundhog and he could see his shadow (not that he could remember what that meant!) We dug a big groundhog burrow in the snow that he liked jumping into.
I made this perfect snow man for myself and some nondescript piles of snow for the kids to chop down (so they wouldn't chop down Odo). But they wanted to decorate him, so I pulled out my bottles of Colour Wash and they went to town. Both kids were covered with ink by the time they were done, but Lucas won for most obvious stains (all over his mouth...he has issues with his aim!)
 Superbowl "Party" at Dad's. Grandma makes the best dessert and this cherry-pie filling, whipped cream, chocolate cake delicacy was no exception. So yummy! Every once and awhile Grandpa Mike would ask Lucas who was winning (the game) and Lucas would say "I don't know"...I don't think he even knew there was a special game on! He had fun playing with his cars, blocks and Poppa's iPod.
 Lucas reading to himself before bed. This is Franklin and the Computer. I laugh because every time he brings home a book from the school library it is without fail another Franklin (the turtle) book. I ask him if that's the only kind of books they have at the library! He reads to himself now. He doesn't even mouth the words, but I know he's reading them because I watch his eyes.
We (meaning I) made a cool tunnel in one of the big piles of snow out front. The kids had fun watching me build it, asking me every four seconds if they could try it yet, and was it ready yet, then sliding and climbing through it when I had finished. Lucas pretended he was a penguin sliding on ice, or a bunny and this was his rabbit hole.
 At Grannie and Pa's house for Saturday dinner while Mom and Heath were away. Jacob's face lights up when he sees Lucas and he wants to play with whatever Lucas has on the go. They both really enjoyed these goofy spinning gears. Lucas was worried about Jacob getting the smaller ones, but they did okay fist fights!!

I'll keep you updated on my progress and my success with this 365-More-Or-Less project as I go. I'm excited to get to the end of the year and be able to see how far I've come!

later skater alligator

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