Tuesday, November 02, 2010

re: Halloween with Lisa

So I didn't take my own advice and go to bed early last night. And, to boot, I woke up early. Yuck. So I am operating on the same flavoured coffee alone this morning (and an organic waffle with blueberry syrup).

And now I will fill you in on all the Halloween Happenings at the Kercher house this weekend. And explain the title of my previous post. I wanted to add some photos, but that will have to wait until I have more brain cells operating.

#1. Lucas didn't want to be a Sheriff on Friday. And he decided this ten minutes before we had to be leaving for school in our costumes. I made my costume out of my closet the night before, so it was pretty simple...I was a lumberjack, complete with mustache and toque! All the kids at school thought it was hilarious that a girl was wearing a moustache (they kept calling it a beard). And some of the older kids told me I had a great disguise and kept asking me who I was. Mom came along to help with the "party" and I stayed for the assembly after recess.

#2. If I ever mention that I am going to a kids birthday party at McDonalds I am giving you permission to slap the stupid out of me and say "remember October 2010, Lisa?". It was loud and messy and insane and I felt like crap for the rest of the day. But Lucas had fun, and the birthday boy loved his present.

#2. Halloween Party at Kirsten's place Saturday night. I actually convinced Russ to dress up...gasp! He was a Sheriff (he wore the gold star badge I made for Lucas and his plastic guns...just add plaid shirt and cowboy hat). It was fun, crazy, and I wish I could have stayed longer but was feeling crappy (see point #2). Everyone dressed up, and there were some amazing costumes. And the crazy thing was, there was another lumberjack at the party! Some dude with a fluorescent orange toque. How embarrassing!

#3. My nephew is the cutest monkey I ever did see!

#4. Lucas still isn't the biggest fan of Trick or Treating. We made it to about 10 houses and he was ready to pack it in. He much prefers handing out candy at the door. On the way home (from the other end of our complex...it wasn't even dark out yet) we ran into his buddy from playschool (and his mom and lil sis). So I wandered around our complex with them while Mom took Lucas home. Lily is 2 and is the cutest Minnie Mouse you ever did see! She wasn't scared of any of the spooky houses or decorations. And for the couple of guys who dressed up in scary masks to answer the door, she was waving and saying hello! Too precious. Damien decided to be a Jack in the Box...some adults didn't even know what he was!

#5. I dyed my hair red. It is lovely. I found some organic hair dye (no parabens, or sulfates or any other nasties) and thought I would try it out. Russ loves it, and while it took Lucas awhile to notice it, he loves it as well. He told me: "The Pantene commercial calls it "coloured". Mom is your hair coloured?". It was very adorable and he had the sweetest smile on his face, like I had given him a nice surprise.

#6. Lucas loves kitties. We were at Chapters on Saturday picking out books for Trystan and he grabbed the Mittens book. He was very adamant that this was going to be his book, and it wasn't for Trystan. He promptly read through it as soon as we got home. Have I mentioned that he is at a Grade One reading level (at least)? We are very proud of him, to say the least.

#7. I spent most of Sunday decorating the outside of the house.My two pumpkins made it outside, but they were all smushy and beyond recognition. Oh well. My last minute trip to the store to find another pumpkin was unsatisfying to say the least...note to self: don't be optimistic about getting a pumpking the day of Halloween next year .Not gonna happen. So I put out a bunch of plastic pots and glass jars with candles inside to set the mood for my spooky sidewalk! I also made lots of paper chains (out of old IKEA catalogues) and drew body outlines and bloody footprints on the sidewalk with some chalk. Thalia and Lucas helped and were quite excited with everything.

That is my weekend recap. How was your Halloween? Did you hand out candy or turn off your lights? Did you go to any parties or hold one of your own? Did you dress up or give up!?!?!

This week I am in craft show mode. I have lots and lots to finish before my debut Sunday. I am not really nervous, but I am worried (re: stressed) about all the little things: Will I have enough stuff to sell? Do my prices make sense? Will people like my stuff? Will people buy my stuff?? Most of my decor/display stuff is ready to go. I'm trying to finish as many things as possible so I have lots to sell (and don't run out...HA!). Spread the word for me, won't you??

later skater alligator


  1. Ok, your zomibe post cracked me up! While zombie movies scare me they also fascinate me and I end up switching to them on tv and regreting it late that night too!

    Our Halloween weekend was pretty quite. We didn't really decorate this year *tear* but we watched one of my top Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus. Next year when things are normal *snort* I'll get all crazy adventerous with decorating. Maybe by then I'll live in a place larger than a shoe box?

  2. I think your Halloween sounds great and I want to see a picture of your "coloured" hair! My Halloween was quiet, just the way I like it. Only 5 trick-or-treaters, so I have lots of candy to eat.


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