Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Edmonton Bloggers

I am so jealous of the crafty blogging community coming out of Winnipeg. It seems that every time I stumble on to a cool new blog, the lady just happens to be blogging from our Easterly Sister City. Or, cousin, I guess.

So I thought to myself (out loud actually, cause Kara was in the room): "why doesn't Edmonton have such a community?". And then I thought again: Maybe we do, I just haven't searched for it before.

So I searched for it. Go Google.

And in amongst the Oilers blogs, and real estate blogs, and newspaper blogs, I found some gems...and then I thought, really lisa, how many of these are you going to actually go back and read. So then I narrowed it down some more. And...
This Bird's Day - she posts deals and reviews items

Far North Gardener - good tips for gardening

Sterobait - a music blog (I haven't listened to any of the tunes here, but I love his header!)

Weird Canada - showcases new Canadian music

Paul Franklin - lost his legs in Afghanistan, lots of military, political and disability stuff, but a good read nonetheless!

Urban Observations - a fascinating look at urban planning and policies in Edmonton...too bad he has posted in a long while! The archives are still good to look back on.

The Walrus - this isn't an Edmonton blog, but the post is about an Edmonton artist

Green Edmonton - this is my kind of blog!

How to stay warm in turquoise - FASHION...YAY!

Random Channel Surfing - interesting...

Dees Stitching Corner - crafty stuff

Random Thoughts... - mom stuff

Kerrtastic5 - photography and life stuff (all old posts, now that I look at it...mostly interesting to me because know a girl with the same name...weird)

My buddy from playschool! EEK! I forgot to grab the link...she has lots of blogs (started...)

Loop Frame Love - Friend of buddy listed above...she rides a bike and has a bike blog

bestest best:
**** Just Bella - beautiful photography and home stuff (and a blog I found through her blog is this one, but she's not from Edmonton, so she just gets a passing mention here...ha!: City Cradle)

gosh...what a boring post. I was hoping to pepper this with pictures and Lisa-witticisms, but am really not in the mood! I hope you at least find something fun from one of these local bloggers.

And remember to check out "My Rad Ladies", as linked to the left, for more Edmonton-blogging action (except for's not her fault she lives in Calgary...well...)

later skater alligator


  1. thought of you -

  2. It's not my fault, Lisa, you're right! And I grew up in Winterpeg, I should get an award or something for that. Come to think of it, we all should, those of us who live in Canada-winter's coming...think about it...Thanks a heap for mentioning me, I appreciate it muchly!

  3. Hey, that's me! Thanks for the mention :) I too am often looking for some local Edmonton blogs!

    So lovely to "meet" you,
    Christine :)

  4. Thanks for the mention. I originally came from 'The Peg' and have been here for over 5 years and loving it.

    I love your site. Take care.


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