Tuesday, October 05, 2010

to do...

This week I want to focus on the season...I lurve Autumn, and I can finally (safely) say it's here and enjoy it while it lasts! It seems that while we were away, Autumn sort of just happened, and I don't want to miss any more of it.

So I will be spending time this week decorating the house with autumn colours and making some fun little banners and what-not to celebrate the season.

I also want to get some fun mail out! I have three friends who's birthdays come at me so fast in October (and November), so I want to make sure I get their cards in the mail right away and maybe add a couple extra envelopes in there for my other buddies!

Here are some images I find so inspiring for fall, and might give me enough drive to get my to-do list accomplished this week!

colours of fall

All of the leaves have fallen off the "Dream Tree" outside our yard, so I've got to get those bagged up before the maintenance company for the complex steals them out from under my nose!

And I heard the weather is supposed to be great this week, so maybe we'll even get out for a fall photo shoot as well! I love Nadine's most recent ones...such a cute baby belly!

later skater alligator

P.S. You have until 2:30pm this afternoon to enter to win one of the 10-10-10 prizes! Leave a comment telling me which of the four prizes you would like to win (you can list more than one!) and I will draw a name and announce the winners before I leave work.

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