Monday, October 11, 2010

Portland...I miss you

This Portland Bingo print is quite possibly the most awesome thing I have seen lately! I'd be close to getting a "black out" if I was playing this particular bingo game (I don't remember seeing an elk statue and we didn't get to the OHSU tram, and what the heck is the "tiny horse" thing all about!?)

Find it here...and then buy it for me!!

I have been dreaming about Portland just keeps popping up. I guess the majority of the blogs I read are based there...go figure! There are so many more things I want to see there, and even though I hate going on vacation to the same place more than once - not counting Jasper - I might have to make an exception to this rule of mine!

later skater alligator

p.s. happy thanksgiving!


  1. Well, I certainly HOPE you did not go to the "Naked Lady Club"! I mean REALLY! :-)

  2. PS, I typed that in my mother's voice. Could you tell?


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