Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not much of a reveal

Lime Door Arts + Crafts
I'm too crazy to put anything spectacular together...and too excited to wait!

I'm going to start selling my crafty things...under the name Lime Door Arts + Crafts

Check out the page at the top for more info!

I'm still working on getting photos and widgets and all of that up, so bear with me...I just couldn't wait!

Some of you may have received an email invite to my first craft show. All the info is listed in the page above, or by clicking the image on the right side bar. You are all invited!!!

later skater alligator


  1. Lisa!! This is wonderful! I am so excited for you! Wishing I were as brave! Congratulations Friend!

  2. Yeah, I finally know :) Good for you! I'll come visit you at the craft fair. I'm looking for a headband :)

  3. This is SO EXCITING Lisa!! The only reason I'm not there is that it's a few hundred miles away. Good luck with your show!

  4. You found me and now I've found you and yes, I'm soooo coming to the craft sale specifically to buy hair stuff b/c I will WILL have a new hair cut....either then...or shortly after.

    Also, hi, we should get the boys together sometime!

  5. This is so exciting Lisa! I looked at your list of things! Will you be selling some paintings? You are certainly talented at it!


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