Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hi Jill

Dear Jill,

I gave a shout out to all the ladies that I worked with at the show, save one...and I am so sorry for my oversight. I know you put a lot of effort in to the booth and I loved every little piece of it, every little detail that I knew could come only from you! You did an amazing job and deserved to win that prize! I voted for my head, so it doesn't really count for real, but it counts for me.

I love you dearie...where have you been?


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  1. Oh Hi Lisa! Thanks friend!
    I have been busy get my eyes zapped and I am not sure what else really-- but it seems i have been super busy! Have you played with that PDQ paper (or whatever its called) yet? I actually have-- i even did within a week of buying it-- that never happens. I love it! Its so much fun! What set did you get?
    im thinking fo having our scrap family over for drinks and such very soon. Ill let you know when but you must come!


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