Saturday, July 10, 2010

Orienteering and Blade Runner

Is our new favourite family activity! And I finally remembered my camera this we go

the mosquitoes were so bad, even though we were covered in spray. and they normally don't bug me, so that's saying a lot. and the course was tough this time. lots of wandering through grass as tall as Lucas, up and down hills, through the bush. Tiger Goldstick park is pretty slick!

showing off our map

making goofy faces at the camera

posing with the map and a flag (and smiling!!! oh my!!)

"mom don't take my picture"
the end.

am currently listening to Blade Runner on Space. they took out all the gore and nudity, but it's still a pretty amazing movie. the droid in the raincoat would be a slick Halloween costume...too bad she's wearing a bikini. I just don't think I can pull that off! Ooh! But I could go as Rachel and Russ could be Deckard! that would be something. red nails, and gigantic shoulder pads for me, trench coat for Russ! I think I could convince him to be Harrison Ford for one night!

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later skater alligator

(worked out first thing this morning, and it was so great! so I am headed to bed early and maybe I can have a repeat of was a "two playground day")

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