Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lucas and Momma make a new friend...

Met our new neighbours last night. I was out playing with my plants in the front, and the little girl next door came out and was watching me. Then she asked if she could see the little boy who lived here. So I laughed and went to get Lucas. He babbled at her about paving the backyard with Bessie, then disappeared back inside. But I enticed him with chalk, and the two of them started colouring the sidewalk. Her Mom came out, we introduced ourselves, and spent the next half hour chatting and watching the kids colour (fireworks, rockets, spaceships, Happy Birthday banners) and run around.

Things I learned from this encounter: Lucas is hilarious, and I have no idea what to talk about with a total stranger and am therefore terrible at making new friends.

Ho Hum.
Last night, Russ and I also played some Rummy-O...I was eventually triumphant, but Russel gave me a good run for my money (**no, we weren't playing for money!) With all his complex moves, Russ had to take a picture of the board so he could put things back in order if things didn't work out!

Here I am planning my next move...and he took this photo without any prompting from me...
It was Lucas' idea to play, but he just wanted to draw tiles, and kept getting mad when I tried to show him how to play them. So he finally abandoned us to go play with his Big Mac Playtown downstairs.

k. back to work now. I have two rooms left on my to-do list today. I took care of the easy TNT post first, and now that I've had two cups of coffee, and read some blogs, I think I can get back to things!

later skater alligator

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