Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inspiring me today...

the kraken...don't ask...

am thinking I need a kraken t-shirt in my life. what do you think?

sources: virtue science, unreality mag, listzblog, tim defender of the earth


on a not unrelated note, read a lovely Ntl. Geographic article this morning about prehistoric whales with legs. Okay, "reading" may be a big of an exagerration. I briefly browsed the photos while sifting through the rest of the mail at the office. I hope to get back to the big words later this afternoon.

we are currently working in a construction zone.  our little office has the framing for a new wall, but no wall. every once and a while, I hear a manly curse word and a saw, and the smell has been unpleasant to say the least. because of our new wall, our office has been condensed, and not in a good way. If I turn in my chair, I run into Dianne's computer desk. and i have to turn a specific way to get out of my chair, or else I am stuck. we have piles of boxes and paper and supplies and binders all over with no cabinets to put them in. neither Dianne or I really feel we can work under these conditions...ha!

 also, how long a break do these guys need? they've been gone for over an hour...isn't 10:30am a bit too early for lunch?? considering you just took a "smoke break"? they say they will be done (all done) by the end of August!?! Wowee! I can't wait.

Ever noticed how when you have made actual plans to do something, there are always a bunch more options presenting themselves to occupy your time on those exact same days. but when you don't have any plans, there doesn't seem to be anything else to do? this weekend we are going "camping" to a small po-dunk town with my step-dad's relatives. I didn't want to go, but got talked into it by the rest of the fam. There are no amenities, the presence of fire pits questionable, and there is not much to do out there. but we're spending time with family, blah blah blah. i don't have a problem with spending time with family, I just wish we could do it somewhere fun.

anyhoo...it just so happens that there is a play and a concert I would like to go to this week/weekend. dang it all. so now i have to make a decision...how busy do I really want to make these next two nights for myself? and how much prep-time does this camping weekend deserve.

also, we are missing the Heritage Festival again thanks to a camping trip with this side of the family. I really enjoy Heritage Days...I have since I was a little kid. and I hate to miss it...maybe if we leave late or come home early...

woe is me...right?!?! gosh I hate to sound like I'm complaining, when really I just wanted to tell you about the busy weekend I have planned! ha! gosh, this is turning into a complain-a-thon post...sorry peeps!

I am in the process of sorting out another scrapbook-on-the-go for this camping trip! It's exciting to throw together some rarely used supplies and paper and make a little mini out of it! I'll be sure to post more pics next week.

hello again to my new readers! I am loving all the nice comments I've been getting, from both new and old readers alike. If I haven't made myself known on your blogs yet, I can only say "I'm sorry" and falling totally behind in the online world. the week away from the computer was heaven on earth and I just haven't felt like jumping back in right away...but you wouldn't think that from the state of this post eh?

this week...scratch that...next week I have lots of computering to do, so I will add "getting to know my readers" to that list!

My cohort will be back from next door right away, so I am signing off now.

Go Kraken GO!


  1. That's construction workers for ya! I deal with it pretty much everyday. Just be careful you don't inherit a trucker mouth from them...if you are around them long enough you will like I did :P

  2. currently my favorite Kraken T:


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