Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Jump for my love...jumpin!

Tonight I have been busy painting my entryway. The previous owners made it and the front hall this terrible mauve colour. But I am painting it a cheery yellow! It looks so amazing already, but I have at least one more coat to go before I call it complete.

This is a picture of my marigold out front on Saturday...good thing we stopped at home before going out!
I brought all my pots inside, just in case!

Lucas fell asleep on the way home, and wasn't interested in waking up for dinner so I just let him sleep. Well, he's up now, so that backfired!!

right now I'm busy getting some photos ready for the Technique update this week. I did a little "make your own kit" post, with some tips on making a kit for yourself by using supplies you already have at home. It's my favourite way to scrapbook.

not much else going on in Lisa-Town this week. Am going to a Volunteer Appreciation Evening tomorrow for my work with the League. It's a cocktail, appetizer, fun casino night!

As a happy ending, here are some pics from Amy and Jacob's shower on Sunday. There were lots of aunties and cousins and grandmas there...plus some uncles as well. Mom's house was super full. And as per usual there was a tonne of great food (I snacked all afternoon) and drinks (mmm...mimosas)

(my cousin Nicki, she's 13. she "didn't trust herself" to hold Jacob, but Grannie and I convinced her that with the help of a pillow she would be fine. she was doing great until Jacob had one of his loud and squishy poops and she thought for sure he had got her! I've never seen someone move their arm so fast!!!)

p.s. I bought a Fuji Instax with my tax refund. I love it, even though I'm going to "break the bank" trying to buy film for the darn thing! Check out my technique post tomorrow, and you'll see some of the little pics I've taken so far. I'm still learning about the different flash settings, but so far so good!

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