Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inspiring Me Today...

These new outfits posted here. Amanda has started up a vintage "store" on Etsy, and it is full of fabulous pieces! I love this look! Now if only they were all in my size! HA!

truth be told, I have been wearing the same outfit for 5 days now (except for at work...c'mon people I have more sense than that!). It's super comfy and cute, and it's!

what the crack is wrong with my stupid iPod? You can play all the songs in the playlist...I don't mind!


do you ever think about moving? like, packing up all your crappity crap and finding your "dream home" and just getting the heck out of dodge? I have been thinking about that lately. About a better neighbourhood, closer to more schools and parks and walking trails and interesting things to see. Closer to a grocery store, or market, or starbucks... A bigger house, but not too big. With a nice yard. And a rec room in the basement with a tacky bar. And a bright kitchen.

"to sleep, perchance to dream..."

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  1. I dream of a place with room for all our crap. We don't have that much but we do have too much for this tiny place. It is driving me bonkers!


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