Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday DIY - Organization

Here I am with a little DIY today, on this most lovely of Fridays!! And I want to share with you, a little organizational project, combining my love of reusing and my love of granola. These little boxes are perfect for storing rub ons, stickers, journaling tags, paper ephemera etc.

You will need:
- cereal boxes
- stapler
- decorative paper
- labels
- adhesive

Step One: Cut your boxes so they look like a magazine holder. You need to cut the entire top off of the cereal box, then draw a diagonal line and cut along shown. It's kind of hard to describe this step. Just make it look like this. And it doesn't have to be even, or straight, or anything like that.

Step Two: Do this with at least one more box, then set the two boxes side by side, with the fronts as flush as possible.

Step Three: Staple the two boxes together along the edges (that you can reach with a stapler). After I did this step, I separated the boxes a bit and put some white glue (or gel medium) on them so they would really stick together. This just reinforces the boxes and makes them much stronger. (see the above picture)

Step Four: Measure or eyeball the front of the boxes, and cut down a piece of pattern paper to fit. Adhere with adhesive, whatever you have on hand. I did three sets of two, and chose similar coloured papers.

Step Five: Grab some white paper, cardstock, leftover journaling tags, recipe cards, etc. and make some labels for the supplies in each box. I stapled these on, so they can be removed fairly easily if I ever change the contents of the box.

Put them up on a shelf, and you're done!! Once I get my shelves up (hopefully this weekend! yay!) I will show what these guys look like in their new homes.

This is what we were busy doing this morning...
How was your day??

later skater alligator

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  1. ok too cool. I took a TIDE box and did the same dealio complete with the hinged is now a kitchen recycle box. Way to inspire!


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