Thursday, April 01, 2010

back to the drawing board

I think it will take a lot more work to fix the TNT blog matter what I do it's either too big or too small. so I will have to take it back to the computer and fineggle it a little more.

thanks to some other blogs I read (mostly just this one) I found a site that might be a little more helpful than some others I have found: Tips for New Bloggers. Will look there for more info. Note: sometimes google just gives too much, but none of it is helpful. It's all about Quantity, not Quality for them. dang nabbit!


things I have been up to lately:
- knit a little green bow headband and a big orange bow headband (that I am proudly wearing to the crop and getting some funny looks!)
- finished a whole bunch more layouts for my Beginner Series Classes...they are so simple it's ridonkulous, but I'm hoping to appeal to a wider audience here!
- I tried really hard to be a good mom today, and play lots with Lucas. But whenever I was ready to sit and snuggle on the couch, he would jump off and vice versa!
- I had a nice shopping trip at Value Village the other day...lots of home goodies that I will have to share soon! I bought a plain old blue t-shirt that I can't wait to alter.
- I pulled out my drawing paper today and found some sketches in there that I did up ages ago. I added a background to the and stuck him on my wall. very handsome. I am still working on his lady friend. When I was younger I used to have such the imagination for things like this. I would draw castles and houses, and trees and gardesns. I would love to be able to set aside some time every week and just draw.

FYI...I find it easier to type with my eyes closed, that way i can visualize the keyboard and things go much quicker! note: I typed the sentence above entirely with my eyes closed and only made two typos, possibly because of the keyboard I am's a bit sticky!


I am in love with this painting...too bad her stuff sells out the moment it hits her Etsy shop! Maybe one day there will be a print. And then I will be oh so happy.
I have a thing for jackalopes.

My ideal picture would be a jackalope sitting on a haybale with a big ol' grain elevator in the background.

can you just imagine!?!?

I also really like this print and the story behind it. blog and etsy

note...March 31 I found this blog sitting in draft form, never published. I think I wrote it last week. so I am scheduling it to post April 1st. yep. that should do it!

Also, check back this evening for the WINNER WINNER of my lovely headband giveaway! And if you don't know what I'm talking about, first leave a comment so you're entered to win, and second check out my video post for all the me looking fab-tabulous without makeup or a care in the world!

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