Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Today is full of pretty things...

I love getting my Mod Cloth and Anthropologie emails. They are always full of eye candy and inspiration. Even if I can't afford most of what they offer!

Here are some examples of pretty-deliciousness. Enjoy!

Mod Cloth...


What beautiful things are inspiring you today?

I have to clean my house...we are having visitors for dinner on Friday night. Where do I start?

I registered Lucas for kindergarten today...oh my.

I started work on a watercolour last night, and I don't like it at all. We'll see if it can be salvaged.

and enter in your name. It will make your day! This one is my favourite:
Someone who has a great zest for life, always remain calm and collected and are able to be in control of situations. Has an unprecedented sense of humor. It is rare to cheer everybody up in different situations, yet she always manages to do it. Moreover, she is the life and soul of a party, which makes her extremely sociable. She is not quick-tempered, in fact deep down, she is really an amiable person. Lisa has a very unpredictable lifestyle, for this reason she spends a lot of time exercising. Intelligent and very focused. Strong set of character, which makes her stands out from the rest. Never one who gives up. Extremely beautiful. Great lover.

Have a great afternoon...I might not be back until tomorrow...all this cleaning to do!
Maybe I should hire the TM Cinderella, but she probably has homework to do!

later skater alligator...

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