Monday, January 18, 2010


This week has some great potential. I have a lot to get done, but I'm feeling very inspired, very ready to go!

Also, I look awesome today! I'm taking Mandi's advice that she posted on the Style School blog this weekend:

"Have confidence. I get so tired of people saying that they like something, but they could never pull it off. Why not? Have confidence in who you are and what you love! People are much more accepting than you think. And for those meanies who are not, do you really want to limit your life because of what they think? Don't worry about what others think. Don't worry about what they will say about the choices you make in your life. As long as you aren't doing anything morally wrong, just do what you want to do! Sometimes the things I wear are rather silly, and I know it. You have to have a good sense of humor and don't take discouraging comments to heart."

Not that I've ever gotten any discouraging comments, just strange looks!

Wardrobe today:
- Black Privo shoes (I really need to buy a pair of more versatile dress shoes. And also, these are one of the only pairs of black shoes I own!)
- Blue tights
- Navy high-waisted skirt
- Very thin ivory belt
- Ivory ruffly blouse
- Bright green crocheted sweater (my new favourite!)
- Green pearls with blue fabric pom poms sewn on
- Green "jade" bracelet

Repeat...I look awesome! Well, at least I'd like to think I do! Kara approved, and she's a smart cookie when it comes to fashion-stuff.

If there are any of you reading this that currently are in possession of a Starbucks gift card, go here and register it. You get all sorts of heavenly perks, and you can reload it and report it lost/stolen, etc. One of the perks is free tall on your birthday! Another is free syrup and soy milk in your drink! Oh wow! What are you waiting for? go do it!

Ok...should probably get some work done now. HA! Two days left before Dianne is gone for 6 weeks! What am I going to do without her? Oh, that's right...freak right the heck out!

later skater alligator

p.s. I'm back on Flickr. search for FormerlyLisaS. not much there yet, but you can see some of my Style School projects.


  1. I love your can be my style guru! I think I look so boring and just don't know where/what/how to jazz it up.

  2. My advice is to start with accessories. Shop Etsy, or thrift stores, or wherever, and look for fun and colourful accessories! They are cheaper than a total wardrobe overhaul and can really change your look!

    Right now I like big leather cuffs, small but fun earrings, things in my hair (bows, headbands, flowers, etc.) And necklaces are finally making a comeback for me!

    -formerlylisas...don't be fooled by my signature! this is the real me!!


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